General Questions

How much does KDO cost?

The registration fees are as follows: $60 for a single class, $110 for two classes, $150 for three classes. Part of your registration fee requests a contribution of a knit or crochet item; please visit KDO Helping Others for details. Your registration also includes lunch on Saturday and entry to the Market for the duration of KDO.

What is your refund policy?

KDO will only issue a refund in the event that KDO must cancel a class; in that case KDO will refund the student's money in the following amounts: $60 if the student registered for a single class; $50 if the student registered for two classes; $40 if the student registered for three classes. In all other circumstances(including, but not limited to, student cancellation, student non-attendance, and student registration errors), No Refunds will be issued.

Do you cancel a class if a teacher cannot attend?

KDO reserves the right to provide a substitute teacher if a teacher is unable to teach at KDO. If a suitable substitute cannot be found, then the class will be cancelled.

What are the Skill Levels?

  • Beginner: knit, purl, cast on and cast off.
  • Confident Beginner: Beginner level skills plus increase, decrease, and follow simple patterns.
  • Intermediate: Confident Beginner level skills plus some experience with yarn over patterns, cables, and ribbing; comfortable with pattern interpretation. Has completed several projects.
  • Advanced and/or Adventurous: Intermediate level skills plus ready for unusual stitches, complex patterns, and unfamiliar techniques. Welcomes a challenge; won’t expect instructor to explain standard abbreviations (e.g., kfb, yo, ssk).
  • All levels: This class is of interest regardless of knitting skill level.

Registration Questions
• How do I set up my account?  

Set up your account on the registration site. Click on the CLASSES tab and you'll find the link to the registration site there. The link will be active in the week prior to registration, but the availability date may fluctuate year to year.

• Should I click on "Add an additional family member"?

No. Each student must create a unique account.  Skip the "Add an additional family member" step and go directly to Next.

• If I can't use "Add an additional family member", why is it there?

KDO is using a company that provides class registrations for many different types of organizations, and while there are many customizable features, the "family account" feature is not one of the things we can turn off. It would actually complicate our registration processing, so we chose not to use it. If you do inadvertently create a family account, we will split the account into individual accounts, and contact you about any discrepancies its use introduces.

Oops! I set up a family account, and I don't see any class discounts when we try to checkout.  

Class discounts only apply to individuals. Each person should create an account and sign up individually.

• I can't find the login or My Cart buttons, where are they?

When you're on the registration site, look at the upper right corner above the search box and the Knitters' Day Out banner.

• I don't remember my login name or password.

If you don't remember your password, go to the login page after clicking on the CLASSES tab. You'll be able to request a password reset there. It can take 10-15 minutes to receive a new password via email. If you've forgotten your login name (which is usually your email address), or are having other problems with your account, let us know via the Contact Us page and we can help you out.

The registration site isn't working.  I see the classes but can't register.  

Check the date and time. The classes are set to a "Ready-Only" status until noon the day registration opens and will return to a "Ready-Only" status once the registration period ends.

Is there a way to find out how many spaces are left in a class?  

Every class has a written description (if you just see a class name and no description, click on the name of the class to expand the detail). If a class is full, "Register Now" will be replaced with "Full"

I don't want to pay online, can I send in a paper form and check?  

We have moved to 100% online registration processing and it is not practical for us to do both online and paper registration. The company that Knitters' Day Out is using for registration, ASAP Connected, has been providing software solutions to community organizations since 1982. ASAP is a registered Service Provider with both Visa and MasterCard, who uses the highest level of online payment security, and maintains PCI-DSS compliance at all times (PCI-DSS is an information security standard for organizations that handle cardholder information for the major credit cards).

What's that little picture mean in my Shopping Cart?  

That's the recycle bin. You click on that if you want to delete an item from your cart.

When I tried to checkout, the system told me I had a conflict, what does that mean?  

You have placed two classes with overlapping times in your shopping cart. Click OK and you'll be returned to your Shopping Cart page where you can remove one of the conflicting classes. If you click Enroll Anyway and find yourself on the payment page, you can still return to your shopping cart by clicking My Cart on the upper right of the screen above the KDO banner.

I don't remember what classes I signed up for!  

It's easy to find out. Go to the CLASSES tab and then login to your account. You should see the "My Account" page, or click MY ACCOUNT in the upper right corner, above the KDO banner. Click on My Activities to see which classes you're enrolled in; you can also click on My Billing Info to see a list of your invoices, and then click on the most recent InvoiceID number to see the details, including the supplies and homework needed for your classes (you can print a copy from this page).

I didn't receive a registration confirmation.  

An invoice will be mailed to you as soon as you've completed registration. If you did not receive one, check your spam folder. If it's not there, login to your account on the CLASSES tab and check My Billing Info to see if you have an invoice. If there is an invoice there, you might want to double-check to see if your email address is correct in the My Personal Info section. If there is no invoice for the date you believe you registered, then you did not complete the registration process and are not registered for classes.

• Help! I don't see my question here, is there a way to get help?

Send us a message via the Contact tab, or post a message on the Knitters' Day Out Ravelry group. We'll be monitoring those closely throughout the registration period.

Come join us in Summerdale, PA
Knitters' Day Out is held at Central Penn College in Summerdale, Pennsylvania. We utilize numerous campus buildings for our classes and marketplace. Be prepared to do a little bit of walking to your classrooms and the marketplace while enjoying the beautiful campus grounds.